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  Today I woke up feeling a little blue. Nothing in particular had happened, so I figured it was the collective wind blowing. We are all affected by passing energy and being able to recognize this often helps the emotion … Continue reading

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A River of Tears

Come sit. Come have a seat and tell me your troubles and fears. Let your tears flow for they are a soothing salve for my poisoned rivers and fields. If you are free of troubles, then cry for the sheer … Continue reading

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Beauty on a Rocky Slope

Every fall I drive by this beautiful tree.  I watch throughout the year it’s transformation from gold, to brown, to barren, then spring green.  It’s like the cycles of our own lives and our evolution.  Some cycles may seem deathlike … Continue reading

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On the timeline of eternity…

On the timeline of eternity what does urgent mean? Slow down…soothed my soul… Slow down… Listen to the birds sing their morning song. Drink in the cool mountain air. There is time…there is time… ~Lisa White

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Heartbreak as a Catalyst for Connection and Change

This is an edited re-post from a piece I wrote earlier this year… No one is free from the reality of life…This quote from one of my favorite spiritual teachers, Caroline Myss, struck me as a truth when my ex … Continue reading

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One Step at a Time…

One of the things I’ve learned at the ranch is how to walk and carry myself.  Yes…I was taught how to walk again and we spent time walking in circles to practice.  You would think I would have had that … Continue reading

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