Holding Steady as We Enter a New Year

How do we cultivate a practice of holding steady while we navigate forward in shifting times? How do we hold steady while being of service and support to one another?

This episode will air on Dec. 28, 2016 on Extinction Radio. You can listen to that episode here:  extinctionradio.net/

Climate Change…Why Bother?

Climate change is increasingly becoming a topic that can’t be ignored.

How do we tackle such a triggering subject?

How do we develop the spiritual and emotional stamina that will be required to weather the coming storms?

How do we respond to loss?

Do you want to control the outer world and the information coming at you? Or, can you look inside and engage in self reflection in order to moderate your emotions and reactions around this subject?

Why even bother? Could climate change be the catalyst for the greatest spiritual awakening ever?

Listen in as I discuss my feelings around climate change and why I care about knowing about what is happening at an accelerating pace on our planet.

If you would like to listen to the rest of the show including an interview with Jennifer Hynes you can listen herehttps://extinctionradio.org/2016/09/08/jennifer-hynes/


Paring Down to Essentials

Just like preparing for winter, we are facing times where we need to consider paring down to the essentials to weather the effects from climate change, our political decisions and our economic instability. Reality is becoming real. What are the essential things…relationships, behavior patterns, beliefs and supplies that will serve you in moving forward during this transitional time?

This segment aired on Extinction Radio on August 24, 2016.

The entire show can be found here:

Spiritual Responsibility in Times of Change and Chaos

We are living in times like no other.   Change is in the air and the world is shifting faster than anyone of us can imagine.  Many people have embarked upon a spiritual path in an attempt to raise their consciousness and to find ways to be a part of a growing population that is interested in ascending and becoming more “aware”.  We are seeking ways to evolve, expand and connect.  But, what is the responsibility of having stepped onto the path of spirituality?  What is the responsibility of becoming more “aware”?  What are we becoming more aware of and does it encompass all parts of reality including that which is not so appealing?  Can we choose what we want to be conscious of or do we, when embarking upon a spiritual path, surrender to what it has to teach us regardless of our pleasure or displeasure?

Mainstream western spirituality has done a wonderful job in exposing people to new ideas full of positivity and potential.  But, in its attempt to assist the western population in its growth, it has failed in presenting a balanced curriculum which includes looking at ones shadow and seeing the world as it is including those things that are not so positive and “light”.  It has empowered people to go back into a world that is being deconstructed instead of encouraging them to find new, simpler ways of living and expressing themselves in a world that is calling us to pare down and live “smaller” and with greater presence.

In these times of chaotic climate change and the deconstruction of many systems that we have IMG_0529become accustomed to depending upon for our comfort and survival, have we really connected to the greater world or entered worlds that are more disconnected and focused upon “the self” in our attempts to find ourselves?  Have we missed the opportunity to take what we have learned to the streets to assist our planet and our fellow earth brothers in navigating and surviving the greatest transition in human history?

These are questions that are essential to ponder in order to find ways of coming out of our safe cocoons of metamorphosis and enter a world that is dynamic and crying for our presence.   We all have a unique calling and purpose to embark upon during these challenging times.  We all chose to incarnate here and now at the most profound shift in the history of mankind.  This will take grit and brawn as well as love and compassion.   Standing strong in the winds of change when the change might not feel comfortable is required from every one of us.  Seeing the world as it is with its beauty, light, despair and travesty is essential.  We cannot cherry pick our experiences to be that which pleases us without considering the other side of the coin.  Finding a balance, grieving the losses of our fellow species that are going extinct by the hundreds every day, standing up in protest despite the consequences are things that are begging for our attention.

Spiritual responsibility asks us to stand up to say enough to our polarized political systems, to change our consumerist ways, to pare down our environmental “footprints” and to sacrifice the comforts and products that depend upon oil and slave labor for their production.  Spiritual responsibility asks us to look into the darker corners of our consciousness in order to be able to manage our shadow elements instead of being unconsciously manipulated by them.  Spiritual responsibility asks us to be brave in the face of that which causes us fear and to pay attention and assist our fellow earth beings as they struggle with hunger, violence and displacement from their homes due to habitat changes.  It does not ask us to forget the beauty, the wonder and the positive possibilities that await all of us in the magical moments of our self development.  Instead, it asks us to take what we have learned and put it to use outside ourselves in service to our communities, our fellow earth beings and to the world at large through judicious use of our resources and by finding new  ways to live and thrive in close connection to each other and our natural world.

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