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Holding Both/And in an Either/Or World

In times of dynamic change, black or white thinking can be an influence in creating divisiveness. We feel a sense of belonging and safety adopting an either/or thought process which in the end can create a feeling of swinging between … Continue reading

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Grief is a portal to Joy

http://shift-magazine.org/magazine/turning-to-the-dark-side-grieve-heal-and-commit-to-the-earth-community/ Grief is portal to true joy. We are experiencing a collective initiation of sorts which entails descending into a collective dark night. If you find yourself resisting this organic process through addiction, denial or turning to excessive positivity and … Continue reading

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Transformation and the Moth as a Guide

Mostly likely, if you are reading this article, it is because you are a spiritual seeker and will likely know the inspiring analogy of becoming a butterfly. The caterpillar, having encapsulated itself in a chrysalis, undergoes the disintegration of its … Continue reading

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