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We are Our Own Worst Enemy

We are our own worst enemy. I see these horrific events happen again and again and nothing changes. We spend billions of dollars on self improvement and spirituality and nothing has changed. We have therapy and 12 step programs and … Continue reading

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Survival Insecurity and Conscious Choice

Why did you embark on the journey of consciousness?  What made you decide to study metaphysics, learn to meditate or seek out spiritual mentors and consultants?  I have pondered these questions myself. For me, the answer is pretty simple, really.  … Continue reading

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I Can’t Breathe

I can’t breathe, because the news and propaganda show me something that isn’t the full story to keeps the masses steered in the “right” direction. Let them blow off a little steam through a few protests and it’ll all die … Continue reading

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Transformation and the Moth as a Guide

Mostly likely, if you are reading this article, it is because you are a spiritual seeker and will likely know the inspiring analogy of becoming a butterfly. The caterpillar, having encapsulated itself in a chrysalis, undergoes the disintegration of its … Continue reading

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Hope is a Responsibility

Originally posted on Walk in the Mud :
Hope…to have hope…to live hope…to be hope…to lose hope. Hope is a BIG word…a BIG idea. Hope can lift a soul from the depths of despair. Hope can help one persevere through a…

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Grieving Tomatoes: A New Reality of Our Time

The other day, at the supermarket, as I scanned the tomatoes for something ripe, a woman stepped up and said “It’s a shame.   This generation will never know what it’s like to taste a good tomato”.  She was mature in … Continue reading

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Oh good…It’s only two

Yes, this was my absolute first thought after seeing the first headlines coming out about the shooting at Arapahoe High School in Colorado on Friday 12/13/13.  I know that by writing these thoughts I might be hated and called callous … Continue reading

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Pause just a moment…

No matter your political party or which candidate you are voting for, I would encourage each of you to say a prayer for or send a peaceful thought to each of the candidates who have had the courage to stand … Continue reading

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Behind Closed Doors

Behind closed doors, live the tears of fear that someone cries in the middle of the night. Behind closed doors, exists the empty pantry and the hungry children. Behind closed doors, hides the shame of someone who is afraid to … Continue reading

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