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All is one. But, do we really live as if that is so?

All is one…that is the spiritual mantra that many people love to extol. But, do we really live as if all was one? Does our unconscious self really make decisions based on “All is one?” How has the human shadow … Continue reading

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Be Here Now

Chances are if you are reading this you are human and your soul incarnated into your body to experience life on this planet at this amazing time in human history. Be here now…be in your body, experience nature and the … Continue reading

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Your Peace Offering

Each of us holds a part of the responsibility in creating a violent world. It takes real courage to stop not only violence toward others but to stop the violence that is created within yourself. For to heal one would … Continue reading

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Earthly Support

The Pope’s recent official publication of his stance toward climate change was a massive jolt to the collective psyche. No matter your religion, knowledge of climate change or whether you like the Pope or not, this information has affected and … Continue reading

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