We are experiencing dynamic change in the world.  Our evolution will require adaptation, creativity  and innovation to create a new world based on changing paradigms.  Sometimes, this can leave us with the insecurity of being in the unknown and sometimes we find our lives shifted beyond recognition and don’t know how to proceed.

Crisis and chaos are often intimate companions who join us to help facilitate change in our lives and urge us to explore ourselves deeper.  Knowing oneself and having the courage to be authentic is utterly important to navigate uncertainty and required to bring to the world the unique service and contribution that is your birthright.

My sessions are geared toward helping you face the situation at hand and patterns and beliefs that might be keeping you stuck.  From there we can explore co creative ways to keep power in your system, live in the present and find the courage to be who you were meant to be apart from familial, cultural or societal expectations.

Your unique skills and grace are urgently needed to be of service to others in these dynamic times! Let me help guide you in the journey of revealing them to the world…

In addition, I also provide Psychic Mediumship services to help you connect and receive guidance from your loved ones who have passed before you.

All sessions are over the phone or Skype, so location is not a problem. 

Mediumship Reading – $125 (30 minutes – 45 minutes)  This reading will help connect you to your ancestors who have passed.  While it cannot be guaranteed who will arrive to pass on messages, love, guidance and healing are always sure to be present.  The messages received during this session are always timely.  A question of interest is also addressed with intuitive guidance and guidance from the other side being a part of the answer.

Spirit Circle Group Readings – $65 per person (4 person minimum)  This group reading offers a 2 hour experience with messages from the other side and/or intuitive guidance given to everyone present.  These sessions are available in and around the Breckenridge, Colorado area.  Please contact me for special availability out of the Breckenridge area and/or additional information.

 Astrological Birth Chart  “Diagnostic” ~ $125  (60 minutes)  This reading is highly recommended for your first session.  The purpose of this session is to use your birth chart as a guidance tool to reveal your set “wiring” and any significant cycles that you might be experiencing.  We will focus on a specific topic that you may have concerns or challenges with at the present moment.  In this reading, we will work together to bring perspective and shift energy around the topic and possibly address any past energy “knots” that might be a part of keeping you in a cycle of repeating patterns.  Thereafter, monthly coaching can be continued to deepen understanding of yourself and to learn how to work with your particular energy, cycles and patterns.  The goal is to learn how to co create and flow with life instead of trying to control it.

Intuitive Guidance follow up with reference to your birth chart ~ $95 (1 hour) These sessions will continue the work from your first session and help deepen your understanding of seeing things through the eyes of your “soul contract” and the particular challenges or opportunities currently in your experience.  The overall goal of these sessions is to help you learn to feel into your own experience and access your own inner knowing to make decisions and move forward with a grounded perspective.  An initial Birth Chart “Diagnostic” is required for these sessions.

Guidance Package – Includes the Astrological Birth Chart Diagnostic and 3 – 1 Hour follow up sessions  ~ $325 (A $410 Value)


Oracle Card Readings $55  (30 minutes)

Oracle Readings are a quick insightful way to obtain guidance and perspective about shifting energy around a specific situation or problem.  I use Caroline Myss’ Archetype cards to reveal the archetypal energy around the situation and we discuss how to move forward with more clarity and meaning.  I will pull one to determine the energy at play which has you “stuck” and another card to determine the archetype to engage to shift your energy.

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