Holding Steady as We Enter a New Year

How do we cultivate a practice of holding steady while we navigate forward in shifting times? How do we hold steady while being of service and support to one another?

This episode will air on Dec. 28, 2016 on Extinction Radio. You can listen to that episode here:  extinctionradio.net/

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Taking Responsibility


Every choice results in a consequence. And some choices, although unpopular, are catalysts for change. It’s time to take responsibility for our choices and the events and belief patterns that led to facilitating those choices.

This segment aired on Extinction Radio on Nov. 16th at 9 PM EST.


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Holding Both/And in an Either/Or World

In times of dynamic change, black or white thinking can be an influence in creating divisiveness. We feel a sense of belonging and safety adopting an either/or thought process which in the end can create a feeling of swinging between extremes and feeling off balance. How do we integrate both/and thinking to help us create and maintain a sense of center when the winds of change are blowing?

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Climate Change…Why Bother?

Climate change is increasingly becoming a topic that can’t be ignored.

How do we tackle such a triggering subject?

How do we develop the spiritual and emotional stamina that will be required to weather the coming storms?

How do we respond to loss?

Do you want to control the outer world and the information coming at you? Or, can you look inside and engage in self reflection in order to moderate your emotions and reactions around this subject?

Why even bother? Could climate change be the catalyst for the greatest spiritual awakening ever?

Listen in as I discuss my feelings around climate change and why I care about knowing about what is happening at an accelerating pace on our planet.

If you would like to listen to the rest of the show including an interview with Jennifer Hynes you can listen herehttps://extinctionradio.org/2016/09/08/jennifer-hynes/


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Paring Down to Essentials

Just like preparing for winter, we are facing times where we need to consider paring down to the essentials to weather the effects from climate change, our political decisions and our economic instability. Reality is becoming real. What are the essential things…relationships, behavior patterns, beliefs and supplies that will serve you in moving forward during this transitional time?

This segment aired on Extinction Radio on August 24, 2016.

The entire show can be found here:

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Reconnecting our Orphan

Times of great change can often leave us feeling disconnected and alone. Getting off line and back into our communities can reconnect our “Orphan” and help our communities become stronger and more resilient.

This is a segment I presented for Extinction Radio which aired August 10, 2016.

To access the entire show, follow this link.  https://extinctionradio.org/2016/08/11/bodhi-paul-chefurka/


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Processing the Distress of the Present Moment

I had the recent pleasure to engage in a conversation with Nick Burk of Relief Analysis regarding tipping points and the correlation between climate tipping points and those in the collective psyche.

Enjoy the conversation!


In a deeply insightful and heartfelt interview with ReliefAnalysis, Lisa White, the creator of the Walk In the Mud website, offers a lens to begin to process that alien landscape where disorientation and tipping points share an uneasy coexistence. Ms. White describes the spiritual field of Archetypal Astrology, its interconnection to the work of Carl Jung, and an inner and outer cosmology to help put into context current social tensions, worldwide institutions under duress, and what the symbols of blue Arctic Oceans and sine wave-like jet streams may be triggering in our collective unconscious.


I urge you to follow, Nick Burk’s work at Relief Analysis and on his SoundCloud for the latest conversations about disaster relief and humanitarian operations.


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