Soul Guidance

We are entering waters that we have not traveled before.  The world and the way it works is shifting very quickly.  Navigating these dynamic times requires guidance and support.  If you are feeling unsettled or unsure of your direction, I can provide a safe environment to explore what spirituality and life purpose means to you at this unique time in our history as humans.

One of my primary tools to start the process is the astrological birth chart.  I use your unique astrological birth chart as more of a portal than a full reading. It gives me a starting point to where the energy leaks may be and what type of patterns you might be working with.  We will discuss your archetypes (personality patterns), your family history and what “growth” cycles you may be experiencing at this time.

Then, I can work with you in a guidance role monthly or as needed to help you learn your own unique path and energetic system. I will usually get intuitive hits as we work which usually serve to help you find energy leaks which can range from past wounds, inherent patterns in your personality and concerns for the future.

Many people will come to me for “future” predictions in order to try to control their process. I don’t usually get those types of hits but instead will seek to find that which is causing you to lose power in the moment. Whenever we lament the past or have concerns for the future, we can experience a loss of our power.

Shorter archetypal card readings are available as well.  These targeted readings will help give perspective to a particular challenge or situation that is causing confusion in moving forward.

My goal is to help you live with authenticity and a sense of  purpose while maintaining a sense of center in any circumstance that you may be experiencing.  Feel free to check out my sight and contact me if you have any questions or if I can be of service.

With loving kindness,

Lisa White

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