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A River of Tears

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Join me on SoundCloud

Hello Everyone!  I am pleased to announce that I have started a SoundCloud page to offer more in terms of audio!  I will be posting audio versions of my blog posts and other writing as well as clips of radio … Continue reading

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We are Our Own Worst Enemy

We are our own worst enemy. I see these horrific events happen again and again and nothing changes. We spend billions of dollars on self improvement and spirituality and nothing has changed. We have therapy and 12 step programs and … Continue reading

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Saving Ourselves from Ourselves

When I contemplate the horrific events of the suicidal crashing of Flight 9525, I can’t but help to see a tragic irony.  In our attempt to protect ourselves from the “outside people” who can do us harm, we built a … Continue reading

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Grief is a gift…

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