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Holding Steady as We Enter a New Year

How do we cultivate a practice of holding steady while we navigate forward in shifting times? How do we hold steady while being of service and support to one another? This episode will air on Dec. 28, 2016 on Extinction … Continue reading

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A River of Tears

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All is one. But, do we really live as if that is so?

All is one…that is the spiritual mantra that many people love to extol. But, do we really live as if all was one? Does our unconscious self really make decisions based on “All is one?” How has the human shadow … Continue reading

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Join me on SoundCloud

Hello Everyone!  I am pleased to announce that I have started a SoundCloud page to offer more in terms of audio!  I will be posting audio versions of my blog posts and other writing as well as clips of radio … Continue reading

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Drop Every Leaf

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Collective Quaking

I was just noticing the high incidence of earth shaking events and the high anxiety and anger in the air this week. Someone approached me asking “What is going on?”, siting the increase in anger around them this past week.  … Continue reading

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