About Lisa


We all came into this world with a unique combination of personality traits, talents and challenges to work with.  As an Intuitive Guide, I utilize archetypal astrology as well as intuition to help you discover and work with these energies so that yobw bucket hatu can live a truly empowered, authentic life.

My primary training consists of graduating a two year Intuitive Life Strategist program taught by Robert Ohotto.  My journey began by completing training as a Reiki Master/Teacher and led to training in other modalities such as Psyche K and cranial sacral.  I am an ordained minister as well.  My writing can be found in OMTimes magazine which is published online.

Currently, we are living in a world that requires us to be more flexible, resilient and connected to one another.  My goal is to help you claim your energy and develop strategies to help you maintain your center as we journey through these challenging times.  We’ll talk about how creativity, community, resilience and action can make all the difference in finding peace, beauty and joy even if you’re “stuck in the mud.”

For more information about available services or to book an appointment, please feel free to contact me.

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