Love on the Wind


Be Still as the Dark of the Night descends

A Storm beats like mallets against an ancient drum
Downing legends that have traveled
Along the threads of time
Clearing the way for new growth

Be Still as the Storm howls in the Dark of the Night

Let the wind of the Night fueled by the Great Light
Sharpen your sense of vigilance
Bringing strength and wisdom
For the coming Dawn

Be still as the Light of Dawn awakens

What remained strong and true in the darkness of the Storm
Could not be felled
And will nurture new growth

Be still
Let Love on the Wind of the Dawn
Guide you home

Lisa White  ©2017

About Walk in the Mud - Finding Beauty in Life's Mucky Moments

We all came into this world with a unique combination of personality traits, talents and challenges to work with. As an Intuitive Strategist, I utilize archetypal astrology as well as intuition to help you discover and work with these energies so that you can live a truly empowered, authentic life. Currently, we are living in a world that requires us to be more flexible, resilient and connected to one another. My goal is to help you shift energy and develop immediate insights and strategies that might be challenging you from realizing your full potential.
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