Your Peace Offering

Each of us holds a part of the responsibility in creating a violent world.

It takes real courage to stop not only violence toward others but to stop the violence that is created within yourself. For to heal one would organically heal the other. Being able to look at the small yet extremely powerful, violent ways of being within ourselves takes a shit load of compassion. If we allowed this compassion for ourselves to look within, then we know as a truth that we would have to allow this compassion for others hence enhancing peace.

 Peace offering

Look within…where do you judge? where do you feel superior? where do you feel justified? where do you feel victimized? where do you steal power from another? where do you criticize? where do you rage? where do you feel better than, more virtuous than, more kind than?

There are many, many ways in which violence is created. And, they can be very subtle. A shitty glance, a scoff at someone’s hair color, defending your beliefs, self righteousness, even withholding a compliment…all of these contribute the infinite energy that carries forward perpetuating violence in our outer world.

Even inner thoughts that are only between you and a higher power all contribute via creating an exclusion and shield between you and others…”Why would someone ruin their hair by dying it blue?”…”She said something I didn’t like. Shut up.”…”Hurry up already”…”He’s a slacker”…”What a slow driver…I’m late!”…”Ha…he thinks he’s an artist. I’ve seen better art”…”Who would wear those shoes?”…”That beggar is dirty and lazy”…”I’m a good person, I do nothing wrong, I’m better than them”, “How dare they criticize me…I’m a good person”…


Violence within can also include thoughts toward oneself…”I’m fat”…”I messed up again”…”Why can’t I get my shit together?”…”No one cares”…”They have a better life than me”…

All of these thoughts whether towards oneself or others lead to exclusion which leads to violence. That violence can be physical or energetic.

Being able to look at these small yet extremely powerful ways of being and thinking within ourselves takes courage, discipline, compassion and commitment. It can be painful to realize that what may seem an innocent justification or opinion could possibly yield the power of a nuclear bomb. It’s one thing to have a neutral observation or opinion and quite another to shoot that observation or opinion like an arrow of violent intention. Only you can discern the intention meant behind it. And, that requires taking an honest, objective look at yourself.

No shame…no blame…and no pointing out the “sins” of others…just take a look within yourself. I’ve been creating my list. Not easy!!!! We all contribute to violence in the tiny ways we think and behave. Send love and forgiveness to yourself for your contribution and commit to change. Looking within, noting and then making a conscious commitment to change even one pattern, one belief or one thought could shift the world more than you know.

About Walk in the Mud - Finding Beauty in Life's Mucky Moments

We all came into this world with a unique combination of personality traits, talents and challenges to work with. As an Intuitive Strategist, I utilize archetypal astrology as well as intuition to help you discover and work with these energies so that you can live a truly empowered, authentic life. Currently, we are living in a world that requires us to be more flexible, resilient and connected to one another. My goal is to help you shift energy and develop immediate insights and strategies that might be challenging you from realizing your full potential.
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