Welcome to Walk in the Mud!  Let’s face it.  Life can get messy!

This blog is a place where we can explore how to find beauty and meaning in the moments when we feel most challenged.  We’ve all had times when we feel hopeless and alone.  My goal is to build a community where we can look at these moments, acknowledge the challenge and find a way to move forward with an understanding that life’s mucky moments are times when we can grow and develop more compassion for and connection to ourselves and others.

This blog will cover topics such as community and connection, shame and guilt, judgment and perfectionism, authenticity and vulnerability, resilience and hope.  The times we live in are chaotic and unpredictable.  Sometimes surviving and thriving involves learning how to navigate with unsure footing and mud on the face.  Mud is supposed to be good for the complexion, right?

I look forward to walking with you in the mud!


About Walk in the Mud - Finding Beauty in Life's Mucky Moments

We all came into this world with a unique combination of personality traits, talents and challenges to work with. As an Intuitive Strategist, I utilize archetypal astrology as well as intuition to help you discover and work with these energies so that you can live a truly empowered, authentic life. Currently, we are living in a world that requires us to be more flexible, resilient and connected to one another. My goal is to help you shift energy and develop immediate insights and strategies that might be challenging you from realizing your full potential.
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