The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo: January 31, 2018…To be seen or not to be seen…A Journey in Becoming Authentic

Full moon eclipse

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliantgorgeoustalented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people will not feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone and as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”  Marianne Williamson


Marianne Williamson made an impact upon the spiritual community when she wrote this quote in her book “A Return to Love”.  It is frequently seen quoted among the self help and spiritual community as a means to help us find a path and give us permission to express our authentic self.  While I understand the intention and theme of the quote, I have to argue that it is not the fear of being inadequate or the fear of being great that holds us back but the fear of being abandoned.  Being abandoned emotionally or physically can mean “life or death” at the deepest levels.

Some people shrink and hide their unique talents and skills out of the fear of being seen.  Perhaps somewhere in their history being seen and expressing their needs was not looked upon as acceptable and drew criticism or abuse.  In more primitive times, being seen might have been an invitation to be a predator’s meal.  Shrinking and hiding can be an adaptive survival behavior in terms of physical and/or emotional safety.

Some people use the spotlight in order to avoid being “invisible”.  Perhaps being center stage was their only means of getting attention and having their needs met.  Being highly visible can also be an adaptive survival strategy in terms of being emotionally affirmed and not being overlooked in terms of having physical needs met.

It is important to note that some people are innately shy and some are highly expressive, some are meant to be in the spotlight, some are not.  Being authentic for one person might mean quietly going about the day while being authentic for another might mean taking center stage.  These qualities are all natural and bring diversity to our world.

Today’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo wields a massive energy to helps us examine our innate urge to express our authentic selves…to be seen.  The full moon in general is an opportune time to examine what needs to be let go of.  The eclipse of the moon amplifies the theme and the focus of the full moon cycle.  The effects of an eclipse will last for months, so introspection during this time can be very enlightening and useful in terms of self awareness and personal growth.

This particular full moon theme is that of Leo.  Leo in astrology represents how we express we choose to be seen.  Leo in the light can be highly creative, expressive, playful, fun and expansive.  Leo in the shadow can be needy, bossy and narcissistic.  Leo is also ruled by the Sun.  The Sun, in astrology, represents who we are to become through our life’s journey.  So having a lunar eclipse (the earth coming between the sun and the moon) is also amplifying Leo’s need for finding nourishment through self expression…to be nourished as our authentic selves.

This particular full moon also happens to be conjunct the dwarf planet Ceres.  Conjunct in astrology means that two or more planets are very close together in terms of degrees of the zodiac.  This blends and amplifies the planets’ energies.  Ceres, in Greek mythology, was the mother of Persephone and is considered the earth mother.  In astrology, the energy of both the moon and Ceres represent what we need to feel loved and nurtured.  So, themes around expression (Leo and the Sun), and feeling nourished and loved (Ceres and the Moon) are on the wind.

Being seen and seeing is a key element in how we relate to others and to our surrounding environment.  Problems can occur when self expression or the lack thereof is used as a means to feel safe or get our needs met instead of being a way to bring our authentic talents and skills to the world in service.  Symptoms of an imbalance here could include but are not limited to health problems, relationship issues, financial issues, depression or anxiety.

On a personal note, self expression for me has been difficult in the past.  To be seen and to express a need or opinion feels threatening and I often succumb to an urge to shrink and shapeshift to adapt and management my environment.  Today, I awoke to witness the partial eclipse of the moon before the clouds set in and managed to write a list of “let go’s” that filled almost 3 legal pages.  My ability to write about these energies doesn’t mean I am not right there with you in the trenches!

So, how do we begin to reflect upon what healthy self expression of our authentic self means?  How do we use this full moon to let go of behaviors patterns, fears and beliefs that might be causing difficulty in way we “shine”?

Take some time today to create a ritual of reflection and create a list of “let go’s”.  Set intentions and ask your guides and ancestors to assist you with your process.  Most importantly, be gentle with yourself.  Feel any emotions that might arise and grieve the letting go of things that once might have served you and kept you safe but which are no longer useful.

Here are some questions for reflection to help get you started on your journey toward authentic self expression.

Are you afraid to be seen?  Are you afraid not to be seen?

Do you need attention to feel validated and loved?

What archetypes aid you in avoiding or needing excessive attention?  Ie…The Victim/Martyr, The Addict, The Servant/Slave, The People Pleaser, The Perfectionist, The Critic

Do you change your behavior to suit your “audience”?

Are you afraid to be alone?

Do you fear being abandoned?  Have you been abandoned?

Are you afraid of being criticized or being seen as “wrong” or “bad”

Do you feel pressure to be seen as “special”

Do you think being seen as special is important?  What does “special” mean to you?

Are you afraid of physical violence or criticism if you speak your mind or state your needs?

Do you see repeated patterns in relationships that might be cuing you into something you can’t see about yourself?

Are you competitive?  Do you feel you need to “one up” someone?

Do you have a tendency to interrupt people?

When asked for an opinion do you try to “read” your audience and give an answer to suit them?

Do you deflect compliments?

Are you overly critical of yourself?

Do you need to perfect your process or image before putting yourself “out there”

Do you feel like you are “enough” just as you are?

Do you worry over imperfections or your appearance?

Are you afraid of being seen as “stupid”?

Do you feel the need to be “the expert”?

Do you follow the rules and work to obey authority?

Are you willing to “color outside the lines?”

Are you afraid to try new things?

Are you afraid to fail?

Do you “dim” in the name of safety and security (includes emotional, physical and financial security)

Remember, be gentle as you reflect upon these questions.  There are no right or wrong answers.

Leo also represents courage.  Being honest and sincere about our fears, our insecurities and even those things we wish not to admit, takes courage and vulnerability.  And, it takes courage to reveal our true selves on our path toward authenticity.  When we are authentic, we automatically express our unique talents and skills in service toward the greater whole while creating for ourselves a sense of well being and nourishment.

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Love on the Wind


Be Still as the Dark of the Night descends

A Storm beats like mallets against an ancient drum
Downing legends that have traveled
Along the threads of time
Clearing the way for new growth

Be Still as the Storm howls in the Dark of the Night

Let the wind of the Night fueled by the Great Light
Sharpen your sense of vigilance
Bringing strength and wisdom
For the coming Dawn

Be still as the Light of Dawn awakens

What remained strong and true in the darkness of the Storm
Could not be felled
And will nurture new growth

Be still
Let Love on the Wind of the Dawn
Guide you home

Lisa White  ©2017

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The New Moon in Libra, October 19, 2017…Sowing the Seeds for Healing through Relationship.

Normally, I don’t write about astrological events but, as a Libra, I am really feeling the energy of this New Moon in Libra.

This new moon occurs today, Oct. 19t at 12:12 PDT in Libra. The moon represents our emotions and the energy we use for feeling, nurturing and relating. Libra is all about relationships, beauty, diplomacy, loving and finding balance. Combine the moon with the sun in Libra and you have powerful energy for taking a deep dive into evaluating how you relate to yourself, to others and to the greater whole including our institutions and social norms.

A new moon is the perfect time for reflection and taking inventory in order to let go of old patterns and beliefs which do not serve you and to plant seeds for moving forward. Take some time today to reflect upon your relationships. Are there relationships in your present or past that need healing or transformation?

Healing doesn’t always mean that things will end up “happily ever after.” Sometimes, it may mean an ending or separation. It can also be an opportunity for creating deeper levels of intimacy, understanding and connection. Regardless, taking the time to reflect upon your relationships while taking action to compassionately speak, listen and/or seek understanding will lead to a resolution for the highest good of all parties involved.

Libra is about finding balance and a middle way where emotions and beliefs don’t cloud our ability to see a situation clearly. A very tough task to begin because we are all conditioned to see through lenses that have ensured our safety and belonging in the past. Accepting the reality of a situation without extreme emotions attached helps balance the scale so that we can begin the journey of healing and letting go. We often create diversions so as not to have to face a painful realization about ourselves. When we reject something in ourselves and create diversions, we can end up projecting that quality upon another to make them wrong thereby keeping us safe from being rejected ourselves. Gently and compassionately noticing where we can do better and accepting our shortcomings lays the foundation to begin digging deeper to find resolution and create change.

Create a peaceful, quiet space today or within the next couple of days for reflection. Take time to consider some of the following points I’ve outlined below. Remember, while considering these points, we cannot heal that which we reject, despise or hate. And, we can’t heal what we don’t acknowledge. Compassion and kindness are essential when we take the time to go deeper and reflect upon ourselves and our relationship with others. We all have unique stories and journeys much of which will never be known to another. Be gentle when considering yourself and others…

1) How do you relate to yourself?

This New Moon brings a powerful message about self love. Changing the way we view the world and relate to others begins with self love. Your life’s journey and the quality of it will be built upon this very foundation. It is a constant process of reflection, forgiveness and compassion that keeps this foundation strong.

Does your inner critic whisper in your ear prompting your perfectionist to judge your actions and therefore, through relating, the actions of others? One of the archetypes of Libra is The Judge. The Judge can be great in times of discernment and diplomacy but can be detrimental when used to create disconnection. Judging yourself or another helps distract us from taking a closer look at ourselves and can create an environment conducive to divisiveness.

Do you compare yourself to others seeking ways to be better? In a culture that keeps its economy running based upon being and doing “better” through appearances and constant ambitious striving, there is little room to be accepted if you are “outside the box”. Again, through feeling accepted we are ensured our survival and safety. It’s natural to want to fit in. But, the false sense of wellness created by trying to “shapeshift” and conform can eventually morph into depression, anxiety and illness as we find ourselves misaligned to our true nature. Living by comparison also takes away energy which can be used to bring beauty into the world and for finding ways to be of service to others.
How do you speak to yourself? Be conscious of the words you use when engaging in self talk. “Should”, “would”, “can’t” and “never” are prime examples of words that keep us stuck in programmed thinking which prevents us from experiencing life in our own unique way.

2) Are there relationships in your life that need tending?

Relationships are like flowers. They need frequent care and nourishment for growth and good health. Sometimes, flowers require pruning and a larger pot to encourage new growth. And, sometimes, they may need to be divided and grown in separate pots to allow the roots to thrive and avoid becoming root bound.

Taking the time to evaluate and check in with those with whom we relate takes vulnerability and patience. Understanding the mystery of another is a life long journey and will never be complete. Being open to hearing the story of another and listening to their needs, wants and concerns can often trigger vulnerabilities and fears that we may hold ourselves. Being aware of when you are being triggered and taking the time to stop and find a clearer perception apart from intense emotions can help prevent us from projecting our own inner insecurities and/or shadow upon another keeping the pathway for communication open and safe.

3) Where do you play victim?

Another key archetype of Libra is The Victim. This archetype cannot be divided from the act of relating whether it is in relation to an individual, a belief system or to those who have authority over you. Reflection here takes lots of compassion and kindness. Be gentle.

There is a big difference between being victimized and relating day to day as being a victim. Owning The Victim archetype as a means to gain sympathy, power over another and/or as an excuse to keep ourselves from experiencing life to our fullest can be a sign that we may be out of balance in terms of being victimized. If you have been physically or emotionally victimized and find yourself stuck in patterns that keep you from experiencing a life that feels fulfilling, find a professional who can help facilitate the healing required to give you the freedom to move forward.

Blaming and shaming another can also be a way of playing victim without actually being victimized physically or emotionally. “It’s his or her fault” or “The dog ate my homework” are ways of diverting responsibility toward another in an attempt to avoid the consequences of our own actions or seeing our participation in creating or allowing a situation. We see this all of the time in terms of blaming our Congressman, President, Mayor, Parent or any other figure that may be seen as having control over our actions and lifestyle. Seeing where we may have been responsible for or contributed to a consequence takes courage. Many times, the fear of being shamed or punished, overrides our ability to stand up and own our role in allowing or facilitation a situation. Having the courage to take responsibility for our actions whether “good” or “bad” is a part of staying aligned to our true nature and can facilitate our learning.

4) How do you relate to the greater whole?

In a world that is experiencing a huge shift in its way of living and being, how we choose to act in relation to our communities, our society and with the establishments that govern them is of vital importance. Turning a blind eye to injustice, blaming “the powers that be” for our current state of existence and taking sides are all symptoms of fear based relating.

As I have stated before, we cannot heal that which we despise or hate. These emotions are divisive and can project us into victim mentality, blaming/shaming, depression and even violence. They are counterproductive and inhibit our finding solutions to problems and/or stopping behavior that is harmful. We can also adopt a need to seek evidence to validate these emotions keeping us on a treadmill of blaming and projecting and preventing us from taking action to find solutions. It doesn’t mean we have to love or even like the situation or person that is part of an injustice but it does mean putting extreme emotions aside so that we can see clearly to avoid being manipulated into more divisive behavior.
A society that is afraid and divided is more easily controlled.

We are experiencing synchronistic cycles astrologically that represent the breakdown of our systems and establishments that we have come to rely upon as a basis for our way of life. The foundation is crumbling and is an opportunity for us to find new ways to educate, heal, govern and resource ourselves. Our environment is experiencing chaos and will continue to become more violent and unpredictable as we near certain climate “milestones”. If we remain mired in emotions that inhibit our creative thinking and the ability to join together to navigate this dynamic time, we will continue to see a rise in natural disaster victims, violence and resource depletion. Where can you let go of established “norms of living” and find creative ways to be in and of the world?

How can you take this Libra New Moon energy to embrace and create beauty in the world and in your relationships? How can you utilize this energy to let go of past and/or present relationships that no longer serve your highest potential? How can you utilize this energy to nurture present relationships or create new ones moving forward? This New Moon in Libra packs a powerful punch of energy for bringing energy to heal how we relate to ourselves, each other and to our greater outer world giving us more balanced footing for moving forward.

If you would like to learn more about how I can help facilitate relationship awareness and healing or you would like to discover your unique connection to the greater world, feel free to contact me at

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Expectations, Projection and Compassion

Projecting expectations can leave us powerless. Now more than ever, staying centered and in the present moment is important for navigating change.

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Acceptance is the Beginning

Once we accept something, we have a choice as to how we can how we can respond and who we want to be moving forward. Acceptance can be a great doorway into a sacred space of reflection and transformation.

This episode aired on Extinction Radio on May 5th. You can find the rest of the epsiode here…


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Gently, gently seeds tucked to rest

Feel the warm blanket of spring lifting

Protected and warm it’s time to bloom

Reaching and arching, pushing for the light

Strong and determined yet delicate and tender

Bloom starts with faith and courage

Defiant in the risk of adverse conditions

Emerging begins vulnerable and exposed

Knowing there are no false starts

Bloom, Bloom…cold winds may come

Below the surface warm roots exist

Holding true and strong…Bloom

Lisa White

© 2017

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Standing Tall in Collective Winds

Our world is changing faster than we have the capacity to keep up with.  How do we hold a strong sense of center and clarity when the winds of change are blowing?


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Holding Steady as We Enter a New Year

How do we cultivate a practice of holding steady while we navigate forward in shifting times? How do we hold steady while being of service and support to one another?

This episode will air on Dec. 28, 2016 on Extinction Radio. You can listen to that episode here:

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Taking Responsibility


Every choice results in a consequence. And some choices, although unpopular, are catalysts for change. It’s time to take responsibility for our choices and the events and belief patterns that led to facilitating those choices.

This segment aired on Extinction Radio on Nov. 16th at 9 PM EST.


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Holding Both/And in an Either/Or World

In times of dynamic change, black or white thinking can be an influence in creating divisiveness. We feel a sense of belonging and safety adopting an either/or thought process which in the end can create a feeling of swinging between extremes and feeling off balance. How do we integrate both/and thinking to help us create and maintain a sense of center when the winds of change are blowing?

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